Expense Sharing Made Simple

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Let’s Split app makes it easier to track and come to terms with shared expenses.

Track, send and receive money with your roommates, loved ones or friends all in one app.


Split anything

Split any and all expenses

  • Groceries
  • Utilities
  • Vacation rentals

How it works

Create a Group

Get started by creating a group with your friends, roommates, or travel companions. Groups serve as the central hub for managing all shared expenses, whether it's for trips, parties, or everyday bills.

Create a group

Add Unlimited Expenses

When someone in your group incurs an expense, easily add it in the app and customize each person's share. Enjoy the freedom of adding an unlimited amount of expenses without the hassle of lost receipts or manual calculations.

Add expenses to a group

Track Balances

Our app tracks each member's share of the expenses and calculates who owes what to whom. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity.

Track balances within a group

Settle Up Securely

When it's time to settle up, Let's Split offers an integrated payment system for secure, direct transactions through the app. This ensures that everyone gets reimbursed quickly and conveniently.

Integrated payment system